Jeb Bush’s twitter profile picture is a fraud

by Ben D-T

Jeb Bush’s twitter account has been on my mind for a while. Not for the slick (sometimes bizarre) videos his campaign staff produce, nor the way he seems almost unaware that his campaign has floundered since Donald Trump’s arrival in the race for the Republican nomination, it’s not even for the fact he calls himself ‘Jeb’. It’s his twitter profile picture that keeps me up at night.


Take a moment to have a long, hard look at the image above. Look at what Jeb is doing. Jeb is waving. But who is Jeb waving at? Jeb is clearly waving at a person or a group of people in an elevated position. He’s looking up at an angle of approximately 30 degrees. From the angle of his gaze we can only conclude that Jeb is waiving towards people at the top of a building or similar structure. I’ve always seen something disingenuous in this image. For some time I have believed this image is staged and that Jeb Bush is waiving at no one at all. This is the story of how I found out I was right.

To find the truth of this pressing and important issue I had to find out where the image was taken. This turned out to be far harder than I thought. A google search for “jeb bush outside red and blue building” turned out to be a dead end. I then decided that to find out where the picture was taken, I first had to find out when it was taken. After a short while learning about what hidden data can be found in a digital picture I came across this website which allows you to examine an image’s ‘Exif’ data. Doing this freaked me out a bit as the site allowed me to see the exact date and time, down to the second, the image was posted as Jeb Bush’s twitter profile picture.

So now I know exactly when the image was put online: 22:09 on 22nd April 2015. The website did not however give me details of where it was posted or taken, but at least I know I’m looking for pictures of Jeb Bush on or before 22/04/2015. A google image search for this proved absolutely futile. My only hope was to find out what Jeb was doing on or recently before that day. That can’t be too hard, right?

It turns out that finding out what public events Jeb Bush was attending on 22/04/2015 was really, really easy. It also turns out that those events were not events where the picture was taken. After working my way back through the days leading up to 22/04/2015 I came to this article.

The key thing about this article is the pictures. Look at the shirt, it’s the exact same one as in the profile picture. He’s wearing the same glasses, the same shirt, his hair looks the same. This was a breakthrough. The captions to the photos tells me that Jeb Bush was speaking at a boring sounding Leadership Summit in Nashua, New Hampshire as well as an event called “Politics and Eggs” in Manchester, New Hampshire on 17/04/2015. There you have it, the profile picture was taken five days before it was posted. And it was almost certainly taken somewhere in New Hampshire. There’s no way that in today’s image conscious society that a candidate would wear the same shirt two days in a row. So the photos in the article and the profile picture were taken on the same day, there is no doubt about that.

It all seemed simple from then on, the picture must have been taken outside the event Jeb was attending as he left. So using this handy website. I found the exact location of the two places Jeb visited in New Hampshire that day. It all seemed quite easy as I loaded up Street View on Google Maps to get a view of the exterior of firstly the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Nashua and then Saint Anselm College in Manchester. Neither featured the red and blue building I was looking for.

My next, and probably worst idea, was to wander through Nashua and Manchester on Google Street View in the hope of finding the red and blue building eventually. It may be one of the smallest states in the United States, but New Hampshire is still larger than Wales.

After spending a good hour on this hopeless tour of New Hampshire, which has some very well maintained roads by the way, I came close to abandoning the search all together. In fact I did abandon it, for about a week. A few hours ago, however, I revisited the search. This time I tried twitter.

Using twitter’s advanced search system I looked for tweets featuring the words “jeb bush new hampshire” on 17/04/2015. True to form, twitter came to my rescue. I quickly came across this tweet:

Ignore the fact that for the life of me I can’t figure out how to embed this tweet properly. Focus on the picture and focus on the red and blue of the furniture, outlined by the shiny metallic border that can be found on the outside of the building in Jeb’s profile picture. Finally, FINALLY, I’ve found it. Jeb Bush  ate at Mary Ann’s Diner in Derry, New Hampshire on 17/04/2015 and had his photograph taken as he left.

Jeb’s own twitter account confirms this with following tweet:

Trust the charlatan Jeb Bush to take this his profile picture at a random and unscheduled visit to a diner. A visit that is recorded nowhere on the internet but twitter.

At least I have finally found the scene of the crime. The crime obviously being the clearly misleading and staged photograph Jeb Bush uses as his profile picture on both his twitter and Facebook accounts. “But how is it clearly staged?” you cry. Here’s how.

Below you can see the exterior of Mary Ann’s Diner on Google Maps. The paintwork on the building is almost exactly the same as seen in Jeb’s profile picture. It is, without doubt, where the picture was taken.


Now we know that Jeb was stood outside this diner when the picture was taken. We have to now place him in the picture and show the direction of his sight. Having studied the pictures closely and thoroughly, I have produced the two images below. One shows that Jeb’s eye-line cuts just through his wrist and off into the distance. The second image is an artist’s impression of where Jeb stood and what he saw. The second image was painstakingly produced with an effort to include as many details as possible and show precisely what it looked like at the time the image was taken. I believe the second image to be an unparalleled simulation of Jeb’s position and line of sight at the time the image was taken.



As I have clearly demonstrated Jeb’s line of sight goes up and off into the distance well over the heads of any people stood further along the road. To get an even better understanding of why this makes Jeb an absolute and total fraud we must see what jeb saw. Below is the view of further down the street which Jeb was standing on.


As you can clearly see, there is nothing for Jeb to wave at. There is nowhere for a large group of people the be in the air other than the roof of the building to the right of the diner. “Oh so there were people on the roof then.” you say as though this isn’t a scandal. If Jeb Bush had people standing on roof tops to see him more than 18 months before the presidential election two things would have happened. Firstly his campaign team would have capitalized on it and taken pictures, no such pictures exist as far as I am aware. The second thing would be that a large group of people would have amassed outside the diner. For someone to be forced to stand on a roof there would have to be no room on the ground to see Jeb. The idea that a crowd large enough to force people onto roofs would have assembled outside an unscheduled visit to a diner is infallible. There would also be photographic records of this, but again there are no photos of such a thing.

I believe I have presented an overwhelming case of evidence that proves Jeb Bush is a fraud. His profile picture was a staged event that suggests Jeb is waiving to adoring crowds long off and high up in the distance. This is what Stalin used to do. Yeah, Stalin.

Is Jeb Bush the next Stalin? It’s too early to say. But on the evidence presented here, we can’t rule it out.