James Heappey weekly: No.3

Week 4 April – 10 April 2016

Parliament is still on its recess. Therefore James Heappey hasn’t made any speeches or cast any votes or really done anything worth writing here. Again, I’m going to pick a random day in the last 11 months that James Heappey has been in Parliament and write about that.

This time I’ve chosen 1 December 2015. It was a Tuesday, and it was overcast yet unseasonably warm.

1 December 2015

Speeches and written questions

James Heappey rose to speak once in the House of Commons on 1 December 2015. The MP for Wells presented a petition on behalf of his constituents that supported the same request as an earlier petition presented to the House by fellow Conservative MP for Beverley and Holderness, Graham Stuart. That petition was about the need for a new national formula for funding schools in England, noting that the gap in money received per pupil within the ten best funded areas and the ten worst funded areas can be more than £2,000.

Voting Record

Mr Heappey voted five times on the first day of December last year, all on various clauses the Immigration Bill. He voted: for making it a criminal offence for someone to work if their immigration status prohibited it; for making it an offence to rent a home to someone who is disqualified from renting as a result of their immigration status; for restricting the support available to failed asylum seekers and illegal migrants; for extending the power to deport an individual before considering an appeal on human rights grounds; and for moving the Immigration Bill onto a third reading. James Heappey was loyal to the government and voted with the majority on all five votes.

Energy and Climate Change Committee

The Committee took oral evidence relating to their inquiry into Investor Confidence in the UK Energy Sector. James Heappey asked 12 questions during the session and began by asking about any impact that cuts to wind and solar subsidies could have on investors.

He asked Alan White, Director of Carlton Power Limited (a holding company), “Can you just explain the impact that the potential cuts to wind and solar had on your investors?” Mr White answered, “When investors see changes happening to subsidy regimes…it becomes unsettling and that nervousness then comes into an investor’s mind when they look at another opportunity.” Mr Heappey then asked Mr White if “the sort of changes in subsidy regime in other sectors still make you nervous, regardless of the Government’s enthusiasm for your method of generation?” Mr White replied “yes, there is nervousness around and changes to policy can impact general market sentiment from investors in the energy sector.”

James Heappey later went on to ask more questions to other witnesses present at the Committee’s hearing.


The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority has, at the time of writing, not yet published any expenses claims dated after 18 November 2015. As a result it is currently unknown whether James Heappey made any expenses claims on 1 December 2015.

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