James Heappey weekly: No.9


Week 16 May – 22 May

In a week when the Queen carried out her 63rd State Opening of Parliament, Andy Burnham launched his bid to be mayor of Greater Manchester, and Manchester United won the FA Cup, what did James Heappey do?

Speeches and written questions

James Heappey hasn’t spoken in Parliament since 9 May. It’s likely he’ll speak at some point in the six days of the debate on the Queen’s Speech, three of which have now passed.

Voting record

There have been no divisions in the Commons for James Heappey to vote on since 11 May.

Energy and Climate Change Committee

The committee did not hold any oral evidence sessions this week. They announced that they will take evidence on delays to the Hinkley Point C project on 24 May and on the implications of the EU referendum to energy and climate change policy on 25 May.


Since the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority publish expenses data every two months, and during the intervening period there’s nothing new to report, I’ll stop including this section. I’ll bring it back when they publish the data for February and March 2016, which should be at some point in July.

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