James Heappey weekly: No.18


Week 18 July – 24 July

In a week when MPs overwhelmingly backed the renewal of the UK’s Trident nuclear weapons system, Angela Eagle withdrew from the Labour leadership election leaving Owen Smith as the only challenger to Jeremy Corbyn, and Theresa May had her first PMQs session since becoming Prime Minister, what did James Heappey do?

Speeches and written questions

James Heappey did not speak in any parliamentary debates this week and has not spoken in the House of Commons since 6 July.

Voting record

James Heappey voted six time this week on various issues from Trident to housing benefit.

On 18 July Mr Heappey voted: for a motion to renew the four Trident nuclear missile submarines that make up Britain’s independent nuclear deterrent.

On 19 July he voted: for moving the Higher Education and Research Bill onto a second reading.

On 20 July James Heappey voted on four times. He voted: against an opposition motion that would call on the Government to exempt supported housing from its planned housing benefit cuts; against an opposition motion calling on the government to withdraw the Charter for Budget Responsibility and replace it with a new plan to stabalise the British economy; for approving the draft Nuclear Industries Security (Amendment) Regulations 2016; and for approving the draft Climate Change Act 2008 (Credit Limit) Order 2016.

The Wells MP voted with the majority and was loyal to the government on all six votes.

Energy and climate change committee

It still remains unclear what will happen to the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee following the abolition of the Department for Energy and Climate Change. The Committee hasn’t held any hearings since the decision was taken to break up and reorganise the department in Whitehall but still seems to exist in some form.


Parliament went into recess on 21 July and will not return until 5 September. Therefore James Heappey weekly will also go on holiday and will return on 11 September.

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