James Heappey weekly: No.21


Week 19 September – 25 September

In a week when Jeremy Corbyn was re-elected leader of the Labour Party, Tim Farron gave his speech at the Lib Dem party conference, and the latest ceasefire in Syria collapsed, what did James Heappey do?

Well, he didn’t do anything. There haven’t been any debates or votes to participate in for the last week, due to the start of the party conference season.

Next weekend I move to university, so this will be the last James Heappey weekly. Though I have often disagreed with Mr Heappey, I have always found him to be a hardworking local MP who cares deeply about his constituents and his party. I wish him well.

My new MP will be another Conservative, Bernard Jenkin, representing the Harwich and North Essex constituency. From 16 October I will start ‘Bernard Jenkin weekly’.

One thought on “James Heappey weekly: No.21

  1. Dear Ben,

    I’m sad to lose my only blogger. I’ve read your pieces each week and wish you every success with whatever you’re off to do. I suspect our politics aren’t the same but you clearly care a great deal about parliament, our democracy and what we politicians get up to in your service. I’d love to show you around the House of Commons and then buy you a beer. Contact details below, get in touch.


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