University student having crisis of confidence

A UNIVERSITY STUDENT is going through a crisis of confidence about their entire future, according to reports.

The student, whose identity could not be confirmed at this time, has recently begun to doubt whether their life will pan out the way they want.

The complete breakdown in confidence about their life’s course is said to have started only a few months ago at the end of the student’s second year of university.

A source close to the unnamed 20-year-old said, “They realised suddenly that they were over 60 per cent through their degree and had only a rough plan about what they were going to do once they graduated.

“They just started whining to everyone around them about how they didn’t see an obvious path into their chosen industry. It was really annoying, honestly.”

An expert in the field of whiny students, Dr Ex Pert, said that this kind of meltdown about future career prospects is common.

Dr Pert said, “We often see the approach of third-year accompanied by feelings of dread and hopelessness towards the future.

“With opportunities often low paid and insecure, graduate job markets saturated, and all the rich kids having guaranteed jobs at their parents’ firms, many students see their only option to be throwing their hands in the air and cursing about the injustice of it all.”

Reports are also circulating that the student recently quit their part-time job in order to devote more of their time to studying and doing extracurricular activities.

It’s believed they want to be able to present themselves as the best candidate possible for a job that will often have dozens if not hundreds of applicants for a single role.

This publication has obtained an anonymised photo of the student in question.

IN CRISIS – a student who has no idea what they’re doing

It remains to be seen whether the student will be able to get a hold of themselves and figure out a realistic path to personal and professional fulfilment.

If you’re a student struggling to see a future for your life after graduation and have been affected by any of the issues raised in this story, join the club.

One thought on “University student having crisis of confidence

  1. As a 52-year-old expert in absolutely EVERYTHING, I can understand this constant self-doubt (only in others and never, ever, in myself (honestly)).

    I think that this stress/whining (you know, the sort of Daily Mail approach) could be related to the fact that this ‘un-named’ student is no longer a teenager (i.e. getting old and preparing themselves to be out there in that horrid ‘real world’).

    It could be that because they set themselves very high standards, the thought of not reaching their own high water mark, they may question themselves (and the fact that Sebastian/Piers/Tarquin, who are all blithering idiots, have nabbed themselves a cushy little number with the family).

    The injustice in this world is rife. You only have to read The Guardian to find more tales of whining.

    However, on a more positive note, there is always BEER. It is not the answer to problems, but does make for a welcome escape.

    I feel confident that this self-doubt is based on this student having nothing much to do now that the second year has ended.

    They should enjoy the summer of 2018 before they end up working and having only 4-5 weeks holiday per year.

    A. N. Arse
    CEO of the World Organisation of C. Rap


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