Tokyo-based man does stuff in January

A man who lives in Tokyo did some things in January. Details of the man’s exploits, obtained exclusively by this publication, have now emerged.

The month started as he celebrated the turn of the new decade in Tokyo’s busiest area Shibuya. The man joined the large crowds at Shibuya’s famous Scramble Crossing for the new year countdown. He is understood to have found it an enjoyable but also somewhat intense experience.

Mere hours after the start of 2020 the man flew to Sapporo, in Japan’s northern-most island of Hakiado with his best friend for a few days. The man reportedly had an incredible time and did a variety of things, including visiting a chocolate factory, the Sapporo beer museum, going up a mountain on a cable car, visiting a new year festival at a local Temple, enjoying some incredible local food, and on the last day of his stay going skiing. It is, however, believed that men spent more time on his arse than his skis during his visit to the ski resort. His friend, who has a history of snowboarding, was, while remaining supportive, less than complimentary about his skiing ‘abilities’.

On his visit to the Temple in Sapporo, the man participated in the traditional Shinto practice of 絵馬 (Ema). This involved writing a prayer or wish for the coming year on a wooden plaque. As far as the man understands the practice, these prayers are then visited by spirits or gods. Later the plaques are burned. The man wished for 幸福 (happiness).

The man, of course, had the majority of his January taken up by working at his job as an English teacher. The work is said to have been difficult over the last month. He has had a great deal to do and far more responsibility than he expected at this time. He is still enjoying his job, but is routinely exhausted by the end of each week. The man is trying his utmost to make the best of his valuable weekends when possible.

The man also attended the January sumo tournament in Tokyo, describing it as “one of the best things I’ve ever attended.” The atmosphere was incredible and the sumo fights themselves an incredible spectacle. The man arrived at the venue around midday and only saw the latter bouts, as each day over the fortnightly event starts at around 8 in morning and goes on until about 6 in the evening. The man will undoubtedly be attending the next tournament in Tokyo in May.

Towards the end of January the man in question attended a showing of Death Note: The Musical. Death Note, an extremely popular manga and anime, and less popular Netflix adaption, was one of the first, and till date the best, animes the man has seen. The show, obviously entirely in Japanese, featured about three words the man actually understood. Nonetheless the man enjoyed his venture into Japanese theatrical production.

Despite technically occuring during February 1st for the man, he watched the UK officialy leave the European Union. The man was on his way to work at 8am on Saturday as Brexit happened. He was extremely saddened to see his country commit such a foolish mistake. Watching from afar, almost as far he could possibly be, the man despaired as his country decided to throw away a raft of the rights and freedoms with which he had always lived. He hoped, however tenuously, that he would one day see the UK rejoin the EU.