Man makes it through February and March in Tokyo

The man in question who, inexplicably, doesn’t have a single photo of himself from the past two months so is using a photo from January

A man, who has lived in Tokyo for six months now, recently made it through the months of February and March.

There were several challenging incidents during the past two months which made this period reportedly the man’s most challenging in Japan. The most significant and unavoidable of these was the Covid-19 pandemic.

The man has reportedly faced relatively little disruption to his personal or professional life, the most significant change so far being that he has to wear a mask at work all day. There are multiples reports that he still finds this extremely uncomfortable.

Sources can confirm that the man is thinking often of his friends and family in other parts of the world where the virus has spread more rapidly and with worse effects. It is believed he is sending his best wishes to anyone stuck currently in a lockdown or other adverse situation.

In somewhat more upbeat reports about the man’s past two months, it is believed he has had a challenging but overall productive and fulfilling time at work. As more children have been confirmed to have started attending his school, the man has faced a stressful period. Yet he is believed to be generally happy with how things are going at work.

At the midpoint of his originally planned stay in Japan, the man has noted a running theme in regards to his monetary income. Secretive sources have told this publication that the man is poor at managing his money and by the end of each pay month is regularly “totally skint”. The man refused to comment on his alleged financial foolishness when contacted.

Finally there are reports surfacing that at one point during the past two months the man purchased a Budweiser branded one of those baseball caps that is just a visor and doesn’t have a top bit to it. It’s believed he is extremely proud of finding it, but well aware of how stupid he looks wearing it.