Man turns 22 in Tokyo

A view of the man’s home office on his birthday

A man has celebrated his 22nd birthday in Tokyo, whilst teleworking from home.

The man has been living in Tokyo for over eight months now, and had reportedly been curious for some time about what his first birthday abroad would entail. It is believed that the last thing the man expected to be doing was wishing to be at his actual place of work, and no longer hunched over a borrowed iPad in his tiny room in a sharehouse.

The newly turned 22-year-old had been greatly anticipating returning to work, coincidentally on his birthday, following the Japanese government’s decision to lift the nationwide state of emergency in relation to the coronavirus pandemic earlier in the week.

When asked for his thoughts on being asked to continue teleworking for another week, the man declined to make any comment, pointing to his desire for, quote, “continued employment.” Unconfirmed reports suggest that the man’s initial reaction to being one of the few at his company to continue teleworking, whilst most of his colleagues return to their schools, was [REDACTED].

The man has had some genuinely enjoyable experiences working from home, according to sources familiar with the situation. It has been challenging and difficult but he believes he’s added to his skillset and become a lot closer with many of his colleagues.

21 was a singifcant and transformative year in the man’s life. Notable events included, but reportedly were not limited to, graduating from university and moving to Tokyo to start his first proper job as an English teacher (something he hasn’t shut up about for the entire year).

The man is said to have a lot planned for his 22nd year, including continuing to live in Japan (and never shutting up about it), getting even more into his pretentious film photography hobby, and being almost totally unable to write about himself without making it into a somewhat worn out joke.

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