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1001 Beers: 15. Brooklyn Lager


Brooklyn Lager

From: USA

Brewed by: Brooklyn Brewery

First brewed: 1988

ABV: 5.2%

Obtained from: Beerhawk

If you haven’t tried it you’ve almost certainly seen Brooklyn Lager. You see it everywhere, and you can almost guarantee that if a pub or bar sells beer by the bottle, it’ll stock Brooklyn. I must admit, this isn’t the first time ever I’ve had this beer, but it is the first time I’ve properly considered its merits rather than just casually sipping away.

Let’s start with that colour. Far darker than a typical lager, more amber than gold. Not that it’s too dark, it still catches the light well. Off the top of my head, it’s probably the most distinctiveness lager I’ve had in my time. I think if you were to show it to me without saying what it was, my first guess would be IPA.

I get a pleasant fruity hop aroma to the nose. This aroma’s strong and I might go as far as to say its stronger than the flavour of the beer. The flavour’s good; it’s sweet and malty and goes down really smoothly. I don’t think the intensity of the flavour is on the same level as the intensity of the aroma, but maybe that’s just me.


Brooklyn Lager is incredibly drinkable. It’s effortless, and from my limited experience in the world of beer that isn’t something that’s always guaranteed. Without a doubt, I’d have this beer again and I think it’d best suite a scenario where the beer isn’t the main reason for being where you are. It’s not a performance piece, its a companion. And sometimes that’s everything a beer needs to be. Four stars.

4 out of 5

1001 Beers: 11. Samuel Adams Boston Lager

Boston Lager

Samuel Adams Boston Lager

From: United States

Brewed by: Boston Beer Company

First brewed: 1985

ABV: 4.9%

Obtained from: Beerhawk

Sam Adams. Another of the instantly recognisable beers that features in this project. Having heard good things in advance I went in with reasonably high expectations. The first sip starts of a path from a crisp fist taste to a rich finish. Its sweet and cold and refreshing at first, but it proceeds to feel rich and fragrant with a nice, palatable bitterness.

I particularly noticed the colour of this beer. It was considerably darker than I’m used to in a lager. That colour seemed to run in parallel with the overall taste. It felt a bit fuller than other lagers I’ve drank. It’s hard to pin down exactly what this difference was but it made the beer taste a little more substantial.

Bottle Cap

This lager was also something that I felt I could drink a fair amount of. I could sit for an evening and have several pints worth of this. It was relaxed enough to be consumed again and again in one night.

Hard to nail down what to give this. It’s certainly a good beer, but I wouldn’t go as far as to call it great. Don’t get me wrong though, I recommend it. Three out of five.

3 out of 5