James Heappey weekly: No.14


Week 20 June – 26 June

In a week when the UK voted to leave the European Union in a referendum, David Cameron announced he would resign in October following the Brexit result, and Parliament was recalled to hear tributes to late Jo Cox MP after she was killed in her constituency of Batley and Spen the previous week, what did James Heappey do?

Well, to be honest, there’s nothing to report this week.

Parliament was due to be on recess this week but was recalled so it could hear tributes for the Labour MP Jo Cox. There were no other debates or divisions and the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee did not hold oral evidence sessions.

The only suitable thing to is make this week’s edition of James Heappey weekly a special EU referendum edition. So, here’s that.

James Heappey voted to “Remain” in the EU referendum on 23 June. He finally announced how he would vote in an article for the website ConservativeHome on 13 June.

James Heappey said he was no great fan of the EU but leaving wasn’t the answer and was openly critical of the tone of the campaign, “We’ve been given plenty to worry about from economic Armageddon to all of Turkey leaving home and coming here. The bulls**t detector has been in overdrive.”

He was surprisingly frank on the personal implications of opting to back the Remain campaign, “Career wise, being openly critical of both sides has probably not been the smartest move. Choosing in the end to go the opposite way to the bulk of the Wells Conservative Association and, I suspect, a majority of my constituents is certainly not the easy option.”

The MP for Wells’s position on the EU could be best be described as choosing the devil you know rather than the devil you don’t, “If we vote to leave, everything around us will react to our decision and we just don’t know what the cost of that reaction will be. Then we’ll start negotiating for our future and with just ten days to go, nobody seems to have any idea what it is we’ll be asking for. To avoid that whopping great leap into the unknown, I’ll be holding my nose and voting to remain.”

Following the Brexit result on Friday morning, Mr Heappey tweeted:

After David Cameron announced he would resign as Prime Minister in October, the MP tweeted his disappointment:

It is currently unknown who James Heappey will back in the upcoming Tory leadership contest.

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