Bernard Jenkin weekly No.6

Composite image of London Parliament 2007-1 by Alvesgaspar / CC BY-SA 3.0 and Bernard Jenkin MP asking a question at Edmund Burke Philosopher, Politician, Prophet [background removed and flipped] by Policy Exchange / CC BY 2.0
This edition of Bernard Jenkin weekly should have been published on Sunday 20 November. I was really ill that weekend and I just haven’t found the time to do it till now. I’ll try and make sure this doesn’t happen again. 

Week 14 November – 20 November

In week when Present-elect Donald Trump continued continued to prepare his administration for when he becomes President of the United States next January, Russia withdrew its signature from the International Criminal Court, and Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May launched their new car show, what did Bernard Jenkin do?

Speeches and written questions

Bernard Jenkin did not speak in any Parliamentary debates this week.

Voting record

Bernard Jenkin did not vote in any divisions this week.

Select Committee

The Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs committee was the only committee on which Mr Jenkin sits that carried out any oral evidence sessions this week.

It carried out two sessions, one where the committee asked questions to Lord Kerslake, former Head of the Civil Service, and Lord Lord Butler, former Cabinet Secretary, about the work of the civil service.

Another session was on how the NHS can learn from its mistakes in which the Minister of State for Health, Philip Dunne, was questioned by the committee

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