An update on my MP weekly series

Those of you who read this blog regularly, or have at least read it once, will likely be aware that I used to publish a weekly blog on the activities of my local MP. At first, it was about James Heappey, and then, for a while, it was about Bernard Jenkin. Now is the time … Continue reading An update on my MP weekly series

Bernard Jenkin weekly: An update

  Anyone who pays any kind of attention to this blog (that's pretty much no one but let's pretend like there is someone out there) will notice that Bernard Jenkin weekly has not been updated in over a month. I have found updating this blog particularly difficult during this term of uni. I fell a couple … Continue reading Bernard Jenkin weekly: An update

Bernard Jenkin weekly: No.13

  Week 30 January - 5 February In a week when MPs voted overwhelmingly to give the government power to activate Article 50, thousands joined protests around the world against President Trump's travel ban, and a judge in Seattle suspended the travel ban nationwide across America, what did Bernard Jenkin do? Speeches and written questions … Continue reading Bernard Jenkin weekly: No.13

Bernard Jenkin weekly: No.12

  Week 23 January - 29 January In a week when Donald Trump signed an Executive border banning immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries, Theresa May visited the new US president at the White House, and the Supreme Court ruled that MPs must be allowed to vote on the activation of Article 50 before Brexit negotiations … Continue reading Bernard Jenkin weekly: No.12

Bernard Jenkin weekly: No.7

This edition of Bernard Jenkin weekly is, like the last one, late. Again, just busy with Uni stuff. Week 21 November - 27 November In a week when the Chancellor Philip Hammond delivered his first autumn statement, Jeremy Corbyn gave a speech to the Confederation of British Industry, and the Institute for Fiscal Studies said … Continue reading Bernard Jenkin weekly: No.7

Bernard Jenkin weekly No.6

This edition of Bernard Jenkin weekly should have been published on Sunday 20 November. I was really ill that weekend and I just haven't found the time to do it till now. I'll try and make sure this doesn't happen again.  Week 14 November - 20 November In week when Present-elect Donald Trump continued continued … Continue reading Bernard Jenkin weekly No.6