1001 Beers: 2. La Chouffe

by Ben D-T

La Chouffe

La Chouffe

From: Belgium

Brewed by: Brasserie d’Achouffe

First brewed: 1982

ABV: 8%

Obtained from: Beers of Europe

The beer that comes in this charming little bottle is a strong one, 8% is not to be sniffed at as far as I’m concerned. The strength of La Chouffe is the first thing that hits you. From the start I knew I was having a beer that if consumed by the pint could do some pretty serious damage, but this isn’t to my mind automatically a good thing. This beer was strong but it felt somewhat harsh on the tongue, which made it a bit less enjoyable.

There’s also an inescapable hint of spice to it – having checked the ingredients of the bottle I’ve found this to the coriander in the beer. The use of coriander is definitely interesting and gives this beer a sense of character, but I also feel like this contributes to the harshness on the tongue that I can’t help but dislike.

Bottle Top

This beer is without a doubt refreshing and its interesting how this can occur when it lacks the sense of being light on the palette. It seems “light” and “refreshing” are not inseparable. In terms of where I’d envisage drinking this beer I see this as something to drink in a beer garden on a sunny day with friends.

La Chouffe is a good beer which I’d drink again, I just didn’t fall in love with the mix of strength and hints of spice. A well earned 3 out of 5.

3 out of 5