1001 Beers: 16. Thornbridge Jaipur

Thornbridge Jaipur IPA From: England Brewed by: Thornbridge First brewed: 2005 ABV: 5.9% Obtained from: Beerhawk I've had a Thornbridge beer before for this blog, and I'm afraid it was not a success. I think more than anything else it was the style wot lost it; I've never been a stout fan. But I've read good … Continue reading 1001 Beers: 16. Thornbridge Jaipur

1001 Beers: 15. Brooklyn Lager

Brooklyn Lager From: USA Brewed by: Brooklyn Brewery First brewed: 1988 ABV: 5.2% Obtained from: Beerhawk If you haven't tried it you've almost certainly seen Brooklyn Lager. You see it everywhere, and you can almost guarantee that if a pub or bar sells beer by the bottle, it'll stock Brooklyn. I must admit, this isn't … Continue reading 1001 Beers: 15. Brooklyn Lager

1001 Beers: 11. Samuel Adams Boston Lager

Samuel Adams Boston Lager From: United States Brewed by: Boston Beer Company First brewed: 1985 ABV: 4.9% Obtained from: Beerhawk Sam Adams. Another of the instantly recognisable beers that features in this project. Having heard good things in advance I went in with reasonably high expectations. The first sip starts of a path from a … Continue reading 1001 Beers: 11. Samuel Adams Boston Lager