Conbini food review: French Toast with butter

I’ve had good French toast a handful of times. I’ve had soggy, wet, bad French toast two armfuls of times. We’re looking at six or seven handfuls of poor French toast experiences in my lifetime. A veritable loaf of rubbish, with the rare slice, literally, of goodness.

So how does this offering from the good folks at 7-Eleven Japan, wrapped in plastic, and served in a paper tray stack up?

Have you ever used a frying pan to fry something very greasy and oily, filled it with water “to soak” in the sink, inadvertently knocked the sponge into the oily, greasy, cloudy water in the pan, and just left it all sitting there for two days?

No? Come on, be honest…

Yes? Yes, of course you have. Now have you ever then picked up the sponge, squeezed it, and felt the oil and grease and water ooze out of it, down the back of your hand and around your wrist, leaving a grimy, slick coating over much of your forearm?

Yeah well if you squeezed this French toast in a similar fashion, you’d have the same result. The tiny slither of butter on top is merely an attempt at diversion from must be the entire stick of not-really-butter butter/animal fat yellow stuff in this French “toast”.

I say “toast” because I thought that French toast had to be, in some way, toasted. And had to include bread. Apparently not. What appears to have happened is somewhere, deep in the 7-Eleven food research and development lab, some poor soul had their recipe book upside down. Instead of dipping the bread in some egg, and then frying that bread, they dipped some bread in an egg, and fried the egg.

Is this good quality food? No. Is it toasted? Barely. Does it have any bread in it? An open question. Do I want to eat it again? Absolutely. This is terrible. Give me another one.

This is about as close to French toast as cider is to champagne, as Ribena is to merlot, as a scone is to a croissant. Rating: petits pois out of parlez-vous Françes?

One thought on “Conbini food review: French Toast with butter

  1. A Wee Wee rating. Interesting. How do you thing it would respond to being fried in a pan?


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