Conbini food review: Karage-kun

Full disclosure is very important, and with that in mind I must mention that this is not the first time I've eaten Karage-kun. I have had them plenty of times, and tried all but maybe one flavour. For this review I'm having the regular flavour, so as to experience the original intentions of Karage-kun's creators. … Continue reading Conbini food review: Karage-kun

Conbini food reviews: Brown Edamame Snack

In the fourth ever Conbini food review we've got a product from Lawson the last (and definitely the worst) of the big three Conbinis. We're looking here at something from their Natural Lawson product line. I'm going to refer to these as Brown Edamame Snack, because that's what the English says on the packet. But … Continue reading Conbini food reviews: Brown Edamame Snack

Conbini food reviews: Weiner

The first Conbini Food Review from Family Mart, the second of the big three (and in some opinions the best) convenience store. Family Mart has plenty of excellent food, and we will be reviewing lots of it in the near future, but for now we're going for a relative unknown: 大きいウェイナー or, literally, Big Weiner. … Continue reading Conbini food reviews: Weiner

Conbini food reviews: soy sauce cup noodles

For the second ever Conbini food review I'm trying something a little more ordinary than the fruits sandwich I had last time: cup noodles. Now before we start, a short sidenote: it took me two attempts to do this review. During the first attempt I managed to clumsily knock the entire cup of just about … Continue reading Conbini food reviews: soy sauce cup noodles

Conbini food reviews: fruits sandwich

This is the start of a new series in which I review food from Japanese convenience stores so you don't have to/because you don't want to/you can't because you're not in Japan. Japanese convenience stores (conbini) are about as central to daily life in this country as you could imagine. You can do almost anything … Continue reading Conbini food reviews: fruits sandwich

Japan: a year in photos

Scramble Crossing, Shibuya. I have lived in Japan for slightly more than a year now. Throughout that time, photography has increasingly become my main and most frequent hobby. I started shooting 35mm film a couple of years ago but only since getting to Japan have I taken it sersiously. A crossing in Shinjuku, some time … Continue reading Japan: a year in photos

Man keeps getting the wrong train to work

A man, who commutes on Tokyo's famously excellent rail system, repeatedly gets the wrong train to work like a complete idiot. Sources say that the man, who alternates between travelling to two workplaces on opposite sides of the city every few days, has on more than occasion started going to one location before suddenly realising … Continue reading Man keeps getting the wrong train to work