Conbini food review: Cherry Blossom-Flavored doughnut

First, an issue of terminology. Is it doughnut or donut? As someone required to teach American English for work, I would normally be required to say donut. But, obviously, the actual answer is doughnut.

Sakura season has come to Japan, and with the beautiful pink flourishes of blossom coated trees dotting the days of March and April, comes the sakura themed version of every product possible. Convenience stores are some of the most prolific at churning out cherry-blossom versions of their ordinary product lines.

So let’s take a look at this apparently cherry-blossom flavoured donut. The coating is a pale pink colour, quite a soft and pleasant shade. Sprinkled over the top there are small white pieces of icing or sugar. These tiny white flaks have no flavour to them at all really and seem to just dissolve. The flavour of the coating generally is good. If we’re being strictly accurate, it’s just strawberry flavoured – or at least the artificial strawberry flavour that never tastes even the sightest bit like actual strawberries.

The doughnut itself is dry. Expectations were not that high I’ll be honest, but it’s practically stale. Dense, chewy, parched of any moisture at all. The thinness of the coating makes the dry nature of the doughnut more evident. The last third or so of the doughnut was only enjoyable when washed down by large swigs of coffee.

So, a pretty ordinary and quite dry doughnut, topped with a thin amount vaguely strawberry-ish flavoured icing. Frankly, exactly what was expected from a seasonal sakura-themed conbini product. Unimpressed, but not dissapointed. Rating: donut out of doughnut.

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