Conbini food review: 7-Eleven Nikuman

The last two Conbini food reviews, Ketchup-flavored Spaghetti and Garlic Cheese Fondue Cup Noodle, were very poor experiences. So for this edition I am reviewing something I know I enjoy immensely. Let’s have a Nikuman.

This particular Nikuman (meat bun) came from 7-Eleven, the pinnacle of convenience store Nikuman excellence. I first ate one of these a couple of years ago now, and I’ve genuinely had one roughly every couple of days ever since.

Let’s start with the bun itself. A Nikuman is a steamed bun, fluffy and soft. In a rounded shape that fits snuggly in the hand, the 7-Eleven Nikuman provides warm comfort on a cold winter day, or a hot and delicious distraction on a rainy night. The bun is soft and springy, like the perfect balance between feathers and memory foam in a brand new pillow.

After our first bite of the Nikuman, we meet the meat inside. Nikuman are filled with pork. Now let’s be honest it’s very grey, which is not the kind of colour you think fondly of in meat all too often. But it is tender, it is juicy, it has small bits of onion and potato alongside it. There’s a good amount of it too. A freshly made Nikuman will likely have more meat inside it, and no doubt 7-Eleven put in as little as possible to maintain low-costs. But one does not feel short changed here.

Just how many calories and how much fat is in a Nikuman is something I dread to think about, given just how often I have them. A Nikuman is always at least partially filling, and if you opt for the larger size option 7-Eleven offer, which I often do, you can feel well satisfied for a good couple of hours.

When I think of my favourite food from living here, and convenience store food more specifically, 7-Eleven Nikuman is one of the very first things that comes to mind. Warm and hearty goodness. Rating: 肉肉肉。

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