Conbini food review: Ketchup-flavoured Spaghetti

I’ve had more than my fair share of microwavable pasta dishes from convenience stores in my time. I like to think of myself, somewhat, as an expert in the art of ready-to-eat spaghetti available at all hours.

This ナポリタン offering from the good folks at Lawson is translated as “Ketchup-flavored Spaghetti”. On the face of it, ketchup spaghetti sounds like a meal put together by a seven year old child with no idea what they’re doing, or an adult with the culinary skills of a seven year old child.

Let’s start with the spaghetti itself. I don’t know if there’s a maximum thickness at which spaghetti becomes some other type of pasta, but this is really pushing the boundaries of spaghetti thickness. If the pasta department at Lawson HQ doesn’t get a handle on this soon they’re going to be selling Ketchup-flavored Udon noodles. With this thickness comes a lackluster and unpleasant firm and chewy consistency.

Time to talk sauce. The sauce to pasta ratio here is very good. I’m a fan of a sauce-heavy pasta dish, it’s never good to end up with dry, plain pasta after all the sauce is gone. In this dish we’ve got plenty of sauce for all of the pasta, they’ve got the servings just right.

The flavour of the sauce isn’t terrible, but I wouldn’t say it’s good. The ketchup description is apt, as you can taste the added sugar. It’s too sweet and leaves almost a sickly taste in the mouth. It’s also oily. The oil drips off the pasta at times and you see it in the bottom when you finish just collected in the sides of the dish.

Lastly the strips of bacon that you come across every now and again. They’re tough, chewy, and have lots of fat on them. Cheap food, so cheap meat isn’t much of a surprise.

It was edible but not overly enjoyable. As convenience store pasta goes, this is low tier stuff. Rating: そうそう out of いいですか?

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