Conbini food review: Garlic cheese fondue Cup Noodle

We’re back trying out some instant noodles from legendary brand Cup Noodle. These noodles are often on the more premium end of the instant noodles scale, so they come with a certain level of expectation. I was also told repeatedly by people I know that this new flavour is extremely good, and, well…

I was lied to. These are awful. Abysmal. Atrocious.

First the smell. It’s strong, as soon as you peel back the lid the smell hits your nose in a wave of musky cheeseness. At first this smell is strong and impressive, but once water is added it gets far too strong. It’s off-putting. It stinks.

The taste is just as dreadful. The best way to compare to anything else is like if someone took the congeled layer of sauce on top of a microwavable spaghetti carbonara, left it out for a day, added a dangerous amount of salt, spat in it, and then put it on some noodles.

The noodles are the only salvageable aspect of this noodle-nightmare. They would have been better plain, without the cheesy catastrophe.

These were really bad. I never want to think about them again. Rating: NEVER out of EVER AGAIN.

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