Conbini food review: Butter Chicken Curry Tortilla

We’re finally venturing into the world of convenience store wraps, there’s a lot to say here but I’ll try not to get too wrapped up in the details.

This range of wraps comes from FamilyMart and I decided to go with butter chicken curry to give myself something a little out of the ordinary to wrap my brain around.

Let’s talk filling. There’s the curry sauce and the chicken, but also some very stretchy melted cheese. The curry flavour is pretty ordinary. The amount of chicken is not huge but there’s enough to not feel like you’re being short-changed, nothing to get wrapped up in knots about.

The cheese is best part of the filling. It melts very well when the wrap is heated up. It’s soft and stringy. There’s the right amount of it to just perfectly compliment the curry filling, it wraps the flavours up nicely.

How about the tortilla itself though? The part that literally wraps it all together. I wouldn’t have minded it to be a little thicker, it was slightly on the thin side. It’s very soft but doesn’t fall apart, keeping what could be a messy eating experience nice and neat. No one wants to walk around with curry sauce all over their hands, luckily the tortilla here has that all under wraps.

Let’s wrap this up. What we’ve got here is a delicious, cheesy, soft, warm chicken curry wrap that will not leave you disappointed. The only negative to really pick on is that it’s just a bit too small, I wanted it to be bigger. But perhaps that’s just another positive in wrapped up in disguise.

Rating: wwwwwwrap out of wwwwwwwwrap.

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