Conbini food review: Seaweed hash browns

This Conbini food review has us making our way down to Mini Stop for the first time. Mini Stop is one of the smaller conbini chains, I’ve only ever seen about four of them.

These hash browns caught my eye when I was looking for some lunch. “Seaweed? In a hash brown?” I thought to myself, doing little more than just questioning my own ability to read.

Now this may be spoiling the ending of this review, but: these came in a small box of around ten or so mini hash browns. I would have eaten a bucket full of these.

Let’s start outside and work inwards. These hash browns are crunchy and crispy at the same time. Let’s be clear: crunchy and crispy are not the same thing, and in my opinion it is far easier to have one than to find a good balance of both. Here, however, the balance is perfect.

The inside is soft and creamy, I had them straight away meaning they were still piping hot. It was like smooth mashed potato. If we’re being really critical, you could say the inside was a little bit moist.

The colour of these seaweed hash browns were what first caught my eye. “Those are green.” I thought, using my ability to state the completely obvious. This colour goes all the way through, right to the middle. There is genuinely a lot of seaweed in these hash browns.

Seaweed is an difficult taste for me to describe. It’s kind of salty-ish, and generally very savoury. It’s umami I suppose, not that I really understand what that means. Let’s cut to the chase: it’s delicious. These tasted like seaweed and seaweed is delicious.

I said at the start that I could eat a bucket of these, and I meant it. Some of the best hot and ready conbini food I’ve had. Rating: ✓ out of ✓.

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