Conbini food review: Karage-kun

Full disclosure is very important, and with that in mind I must mention that this is not the first time I’ve eaten Karage-kun. I have had them plenty of times, and tried all but maybe one flavour.

For this review I’m having the regular flavour, so as to experience the original intentions of Karage-kun’s creators. These are a Lawson exclusive product, you can only find them in Japan’s worst convenience store.

Now these are small pieces of fried chicken served in a paper box, so we must assess the quality of serving size. Frankly, its lacking. You could easily fit one more, perhaps two at a squeeze, into the box. For the price, it feels a bit small.

The chicken itself is very moist. For those who hate that word, let me say it again: moist. To call it chicken is maybe a stretch, it has the same colour as chicken but very little of the texture of actual chicken meat. I can hardly bare to imagine what process takes place to churn out the chicken paste that these are made of.

The batter around the chicken is thin and not very crunchy. It’s not bad at all, but a little bland perhaps. They’re pleasantly salty in a way. It must be remembered that this is the regular flavour, the starting point for the whole Karage-kun journey, so we can probably forgive this for being a very standard, middle-of-the-road flavour.

The strongest point about Karage-kun is that they are, in the strongest possible sense of the word, bite-sized. Anything that ever describes itself as bite-sized must now be measured against Karage-kun, this is the standard for bite-sized food.

Karage-kun does not blow me away. There is plenty of delicious fired chicken to be found in Japan, and Karage-kun is not even close to being up there with the best. However, it does some things very well and I did not feel disappointed overall. Rating: 178% out of 312%.

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