Conbini food reviews: Brown Edamame Snack

In the fourth ever Conbini food review we’ve got a product from Lawson the last (and definitely the worst) of the big three Conbinis. We’re looking here at something from their Natural Lawson product line.

I’m going to refer to these as Brown Edamame Snack, because that’s what the English says on the packet. But I’m not actually sure that’s what they are. Google Translate struggled to say what the Japanese on the wrapper actually said. And having looked up the Kanji for edamame (枝豆), I can’t see that anywhere. So what actually are these? I don’t know. Do they have any edamame in them? I couldn’t tell you. But let’s crack on anyway.

So these “Brown Edamame Snacks” are firstly, um, not very brown. I guess they’re kind of brown-ish, but in the same way that maybe you’d say sawdust was brown. They’re obviously not yellow, and beige or tan is too weird of a colour for describing food. So yeah, brown if you insist.

They are an interesting shape. Very uniformly rectangular. Consistent in size. Whoever is in charge of the Snack Shape and Sizing Department in the Natural Lawson office deserves a raise. I wonder how they did it, it looks to me that they took the aspect ratio of a panoramic photograph and scaled it down to snack size. These are the perfect size for a snack.

Now the sentence「ノンフライスナックです。」found on the packaging translates to “It’s non-fry snack.”. These are not cheap fried crisps, these Brown* Edamame** Snacks have been baked. That means that they are not crispy or brittle or flakey, they in fact have an excellent, satisfying crunch.

*ish | **maybe

Flavour-wise, these are earthy, but in a good way. Maybe they taste of edamame, but also maybe not. My favourite edamame come hot and covered in salt anyway. They taste good and could really satisfy a savoury craving.

They’re barely brown, they may or may not have edamame in them, but these are undoubtedly delicious. I will buy them again and I would happily eat them regularly. 12 and 1/2 out of 13 and 3/4.

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