Conbini food reviews: Weiner

The first Conbini Food Review from Family Mart, the second of the big three (and in some opinions the best) convenience store. Family Mart has plenty of excellent food, and we will be reviewing lots of it in the near future, but for now we’re going for a relative unknown: 大きいウェイナー or, literally, Big Weiner.

So yeah, it’s a hotdog. Full disclosure, my experience with hotdogs in Japan have been generally negative so far. I’ve had them at basketball games, from other conbinis. The only good ones I’ve had were imported American hotdogs from the international food section of a supermarket. With this particular hotdog I tried my best to keep an open mind, but…

This was terrible. Firstly let’s talk about the sausage; obviously the most important and significant part of any hotdog. It was so bad, like so so bad. Obviously it’s ultra processed garbage meat, probably mostly ground up chicken or whatever, but how on earth was it crunchy? The skin of it was also tough, like almost straight up difficult to bite through. It has a texture like it’s just raw. Even after heating it up in the microwave it was bad in every aspect. Terrible weiner.

Let’s move onto the bun. It’s the best part about this entire hotdog. It’s a little sweet to my taste, I’ve actually found that most Japanese bread is a tiny bit sweeter than what I’m used too. It’s a good bun though, very soft and light. A little greasy perhaps but altogether quite nice.

The sauces on the other hand are a disaster. Just take a look at that dried line of ketchup, it looks like when you leave tomato sauce on a plate overnight and it goes all flaky. Might as well have not bothered.

If they can put the mustard over the sausage in the correct fashion, what’s holding them back with the ketchup? The mustard wasn’t great, very cheap obviously (must remember this cost about a quid at most), but I don’t like mustard in general so I can’t hold too much against Family Mart for that.

The search for a good hotdog in Japan continues. Would not eat this again. 14 out of 87.

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